Filippo de bortoli figlio di ferruccio

di | 13/08/2021
Filippo de bortoli figlio di ferruccio

Ferruccio de bortoli illness

In 1998 de Bortoli clashed with the then Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema, who asked the order of journalists disciplinary sanctions against the director of the Corriere and journalists Francesco Verderami and Felice Saulino for various writings on the project of unification and “oliveisation” of the union. Following the acquittal of the order of Calabria for Verderami, de Bortoli also comes out of the proceedings unscathed.[2]
According to Il Foglio, de Bortoli’s exit from the scene was rather due to the death of Gianni Agnelli and the prevalence, among the shareholders of the Corriere, of the RCS president Cesare Romiti as the holder of the appointment of the editor of Via Solferino.[8]

Ferruccio de bortoli

A side consideration: I don’t know what kind of manners Ferruccio De Bortoli usually displays in the course of his days, although I have no difficulty in thinking that he gives way to ladies and so on. And, however, the term “gentleman” should also have ethical connotations, in my opinion.
when i read his rant i read it from cover to cover. i never found myself sharing a single one of his contumely, not even then that i was stunned -as i believe many were- by the tearing down of two large buildings overseas.
I was simply fascinated, as a man who uses words, by his use of Italian. it sounded like pongo, molten glass, lava: plastic matter. the rhythm of the sentences, the wave of passion, really the uterine scream: they were coherent sentences, phonetically and musically.
I can love writers who express a different worldview than I do, as long as their words are an enrichment to me: aesthetic, artistic, conceptual, whatever. An enrichment, anyway.

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Director the press

We are writing because Milena Gabanelli’s article and video entitled “Debt: an idea to get out alive and return to growth” published by your newspaper on May 30, instead of contributing to the discussion and informing the public, creates confusion and provides misleading information.
Telegraphically: the functioning of Target 2 and the debt that would derive from it, the definition of spread and its causes, how the ECB lends and at what rates, the content and even the existence of an alternative plan that would solve all the problems, the functioning of the insurance mechanisms of the risk of default and their price, the nature and function of the ESBies, the rules of bank capital provision against impaired loans (NPLs) and the European and global rules in this regard, the alleged discriminatory treatment of Italian banks by the ECB, and more.

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