Nadia venturini radio 105

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Nadia venturini radio 105

Daniele battaglia single

Daniele Battaglia has also a past as a castaway, the conductor in fact in 2010 took part in the seventh edition of the program L’Isola dei Famosi aired on Raidue winning it too. Immediately after returning from Honduras, Battaglia has joined Emanuela Folliero in the conduction of the program Sfilata d’amore e moda on Rete 4. Also in 2010 he conducted Special X Factor broadcast on Rai Gulp and Simona Ventura also chose him as a regular guest in the transmission Quelli che il calcio.
– We don’t know exactly where Daniele Battaglia lives, in the same way we don’t know his earnings. We know that for a period, together with Francesco Facchinetti, he shared an apartment in Mariano Comense.

Nadia venturini compleanno

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105 mi casa theme song – radio 105

But do extreme sports sufferers exist? We asked our Daniela Uslenghi Wenger who explained the existence of certain psychophysical processes that feed such transgressive passions and how adrenaline gives an addiction similar to that of drugs!
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Frah quintale – darkness by day (redbone rmx) (studio session)

Definitely too much to tolerate, even when it comes to pure entertainment. And the heated protests of the listeners were not long in coming: a rain of emails literally invaded not only the radio station, but also the editorial staff of the television program “Forum”, hosted by the number one animal rights activist on the small screen, Rita Dalla Chiesa.
The Finelco Group, publisher of the radio station Radio 105, firmly dissociates itself from the statements made by the presenters of the program “Lo Zoo di 105” on January 12, 2009 with reference to the mistreatment of animals.
Last summer I was driving on a state highway with terrible traffic in my direction of travel, I was looking around, then at a certain point I saw a car coming from the other direction that stopped, some people got out, opened the trunk, took out the dog… I was looking around (also because I wasn’t the one driving) and chatting about something else… then I saw them driving off, but without the dog, and the dog started running wildly behind them in a vain attempt to reach them….

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